What is a Witch?

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What is a Witch?

The word witch is derrived from the Old English word “wicca” which means “to bend/change.” It also means “wise one.” But what IS a Witch?

A witch is a person, female or male, who walks the Path of Spirit and seeks connection with their Soul and the Divine. A witch recognizes that this world is but one of many levels and dimensions of existence. She/he understands there are many spirits and entities that exist-humans, totems, elementals, angels, divas, gods and goddesses, etc. A witch is an energy artist..altering reality with her/his will while keeping in mind the law of karma and accepting personal responsibility for all actions. A witch seeks wisdom with true self love and humility…not accepting humiliation and not becoming arrogant. A witch is a guardian of the ancient mysteries, a healer, a medium, a prophet, a teacher and a student. She/he respects Nature and all creatures and elements on Gaia are treated as sacred.

A witch is a bridge between this world and the others…a keeper of the Balance. A witch need not summon the dead…the souls seek her/him for assistance then are on their way. A witch has the eyes to see the hidden reality…the magick that exists…and she/he embraces it and mixes it with her/his own.

What is a Witch NOT?

A witch does not worship Satan or the devil of the Christian religion. She/he is not evil or perfectly good..but human and makes mistakes while trying her/his best to live ethically. A witch does not need to “put on a show” to gain respect or power…the “powers that be” know a true witch by her/his energy signature when they see one. A witch does not need loud theatrics, gossip, or manipulation to prove her/his worth because the quiet actions and soft spoken words of a genuine wise one ring loudly with Truth. Tools, books, certificates, and knick-knacks make not a witch…a witch is an enlightened Spirit who harmonizes with this world and its creatures/deities to create necessary change. A witch doesn’t “use” magick…a witch IS magick.

~L. Embersprite

P.S. To avoid confusion…a witch walks the way of Spirit and not “religion.”  One need not call oneself “Wiccan” to be a witch 😉