New Moon Spell Book

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New Moon Spell Book

New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is completely in line with the sun and the earth. It is the perfect time for us to become aligned as well as we reflect this in our own life: Sun (mind), Moon (spirit) and Earth (body). The New Moon is three days after the new face and includes the day of the new face of the moon. It is a perfect time for spells involving new beginnings, personal improvement, health, new employment and projects, etc. One way I find to manifest this energy is a New Moon Spell Book.

The book itself is an ongoing spell and can be used in conjunction with other spells as well. Find or make a small book the size of a diary-choose color and design/images that appeal to your Spirit. Cleanse the book to dedicate it as you see fit (smudge, salt, energy sweep, crystals, etc.) On the first page inside the book, Write the title page which will be the “charge.” The most powerful spells are often simple and from the heart (rhyming helps as well.) Despite a lot of New Moon spells being called “wish” spells, refrain from using the word “wish” in your charge. “Wish” has the connotation of “hoping” something is going to happen…you are not “hoping” you are actually manifesting and “making” it happen. If writing your own spells does not appeal to you, a simple charge such as the following will work:

“Maiden Moon bless this book of Tree

Manifest these words for me.

By Water, Earth, Air and Fire,

I create the reality that I desire.”

On each New Moon ( a new page for each month) write the date and sun/moon signs as the top of the page. List all the things you want to manifest in your life. These can you major long term goals as well as short and simple ones. It is better to include a mixture of physical/realistic needs and idealistic wants and dreams. Nothing is too small or too large to include. Be as detailed and specific in what you actually want to manifest-the more specific the better. If you are manifesting something for someone else, I suggest adding “for their highest good” at the end of the sentence. If you are doing more spell work regarding a listed item you can jot that down as well.

Each month on the New Moon, before adding the new page, go back and read the previous pages. Check off (and date if you wish) the items that have successfully manifested in your life since last New Moon. Give a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is important for a witch to “see” her/his magick working positive change. In this regard, the New Moon Spell Book also gives confidence and comfort. Keep the book on your altar or in a safe place- it is a sacred tool.

(Addendum: You can write in your book with magickal ink if you are feeling creative. Ink can be created from several wonderful blends of herbs and essences. I personally use a concoction of pokeberry and rum.)

~L. Embersprite )O(