New Moon Spell Book

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New Moon Spell Book

New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is completely in line with the sun and the earth. It is the perfect time for us to become aligned as well as we reflect this in our own life: Sun (mind), Moon (spirit) and Earth (body). The New Moon is three days after the new face and includes the day of the new face of the moon. It is a perfect time for spells involving new beginnings, personal improvement, health, new employment and projects, etc. One way I find to manifest this energy is a New Moon Spell Book.

The book itself is an ongoing spell and can be used in conjunction with other spells as well. Find or make a small book the size of a diary-choose color and design/images that appeal to your Spirit. Cleanse the book to dedicate it as you see fit (smudge, salt, energy sweep, crystals, etc.) On the first page inside the book, Write the title page which will be the “charge.” The most powerful spells are often simple and from the heart (rhyming helps as well.) Despite a lot of New Moon spells being called “wish” spells, refrain from using the word “wish” in your charge. “Wish” has the connotation of “hoping” something is going to happen…you are not “hoping” you are actually manifesting and “making” it happen. If writing your own spells does not appeal to you, a simple charge such as the following will work:

“Maiden Moon bless this book of Tree

Manifest these words for me.

By Water, Earth, Air and Fire,

I create the reality that I desire.”

On each New Moon ( a new page for each month) write the date and sun/moon signs as the top of the page. List all the things you want to manifest in your life. These can you major long term goals as well as short and simple ones. It is better to include a mixture of physical/realistic needs and idealistic wants and dreams. Nothing is too small or too large to include. Be as detailed and specific in what you actually want to manifest-the more specific the better. If you are manifesting something for someone else, I suggest adding “for their highest good” at the end of the sentence. If you are doing more spell work regarding a listed item you can jot that down as well.

Each month on the New Moon, before adding the new page, go back and read the previous pages. Check off (and date if you wish) the items that have successfully manifested in your life since last New Moon. Give a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving. It is important for a witch to “see” her/his magick working positive change. In this regard, the New Moon Spell Book also gives confidence and comfort. Keep the book on your altar or in a safe place- it is a sacred tool.

(Addendum: You can write in your book with magickal ink if you are feeling creative. Ink can be created from several wonderful blends of herbs and essences. I personally use a concoction of pokeberry and rum.)

~L. Embersprite )O(

Undines’ H20 Magick

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Water is the element of the the Feminine Unconsciousness…the realm of emotions, healing, memory, dreams, purification, the Womb of potential and the mirror of our soul.  It correlates to the direction of the West and our physical body is mostly fashioned of it.  It is ever-changing like the tides…growing and shifting.  It is Yin…passive…receptive…deep and for many frightening.  Mermaids sound cutesy and loving because they can be…but their dark-side as the seductive sirens leading men down to the their watery graves is also just as valid.  EVERYTHING has duality…including ourselves.  During your personal initiation into the mysteries you encounter what you NEED to see…for some its lovely and others disturbing…it all depends on the lessons one needs to learn this time around.
*Purification Spell*
Materials needed: Yourself and a shower, bath, stream, pond, ocean
1. Get naked (if possible- swimsuit if necessary). If in bathroom taking shower or bath, a white candle burning and nice oils/salts in tub, and/or favorite incense burning. But all you NEED is yourself and WATER.
2. Call on the undines…the elementals of water to assist you. Believe and relax and know this WILL work. Ask them to cleanse whatever needs to be cleansed…your body from illness, your heart, your mind, your aura or whatever you feel you need.
3. Chant or sing (they love song) “Creatures of the Sea, Cleanse My _______ ( fill in blank with Body, Heart, Mind, etc.) So Mote it Be.”  Keep repeating at least three times.
3. Step in and feel the caress of the water…breath in the humid air…stop and focus on how the water FEELS.  It moves around you and is animated…changes form just as your are changing and healing from its touch.  Close your eyes and imagine the water glowing white, blue or purple and the light flowing into you..into the top of your head…your limbs…iinto all your chakra centers and out again.  As the light of the water flows out it is carrying anything harmful in you away…sickness, doubt, fear, hurt and replacing it with peace, love, contentment, and comfort.  Do this until you feel “lighter” and clean…truly clean of the garbage that clung to you and let it flow down the drain and out to the fishes in the wild…let it go. If you cry, urinate, throw up its all right…LET IT GO.
Quickie Purification Spell
Take a glass of clean water and say chant above envisualizing the water glowing with white light. When it seems to be “pulsing”,  drink it and feel it cleansing you.  When you urinate next time imagine all the impurities flowing out of your body-they are no more.
Magick doesn’t always have to be complicated…you invoke the powers without, evoke the powers within and envisualize…KNOW it is working.

Spiral Sojourn’s Meaning

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The Spiral is the symbol of the Eternal Goddess…always changing and moving forward. A sphere/circle is the most perfect form found in nature…it is eternal with no beginning and no end.
We see homage being paid to the spiral mark of the Goddess throughout nature…the rings made by a pebble dropped into a pond, the spiral of an animal’s horn, the swirl found within a nautilus shell, the design on a sunflower’s face, the rings of growth in a tree, the whorls of our own fingerprints, the helix of our DNA, whirlpools, tornadoes, and the very galaxies.
Energy moves in spirals. The study of physics shows us how sound, light, and radiation all moves in waves (spirals viewed from a flat plane.) Everything in our physical, mental, and spiritual realms of existence functions in the spiral of waxing and waning energy: the moon cycles, the seasons, menstrual cycles, the power of nations, the economy, our personal energy levels, and our lives/deaths in the cycle of reincarnation.
We are all on a journey of the Soul, a shamanic quest of Spirit. Each birth is a death of the old patterns, and each death a portal to new opportunity. We cannot always be active…it is in being quiet and not speaking…that act of passivity which enables us to “listen”, learn, and grow. As fellow travelers, shamans, witches, medicine women, seekers, teachers, and priestesses we have chosen this time and place within the spiral of our evolution to “sojourn” with each other in the sanctuary of this sacred space and group. A sojourn is a temporary stay or visit. It often has the connotation of a brief yet refreshing stop along a journey.
Each incarnation is a sojourn of the soul…a learning experience sending us further up the spiral of awakening. This group, this circle, this coven is but a rest stop along the way. Many will stop by and be refreshed then move on to share what they have gained as a few remain to ensure that the “Spiral Sojourn” remains a sanctuary for future generations. So let it be written, so let it be done.

~Lady E

Blessed Beltaine: Wedding Feast of Lady & Lord

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10419613_491516937679200_4767136179549249845_nThe May Pole represents the DIvine Marriage of the Lord and Lady…The Virgin Earth Goddess and The Oak King grown to Manhood. The pole represents the male principle and the wreath of flowers and ribbons the female principle.

   Thanks to all members and friends of Spiral Sojourn who worked hard to make this such a blessed event and ritual. BLESSED BE!

Who are the Lord & Lady?

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   The Goddess is the deity of our heart and spirit. She is cyclical in opposition to linear time with her never-ending cycles, seasons, and phases. Her aspects and nature are reflected by the seasons, moon phases, a woman’s cycle, and the rhythms of Gaia and the galaxies themselves. The God is the deity of our mind and body…he is born to learn, grow and die to be reborn and progress along another path over and over again until final Union with his counterpart, soul mate and perfect complement is reached.    At Beltaine, and each time in the Great Rite, we celebrate the physical and spiritual union of the Lord and Lady…masculine/yang and feminine/yin aspects of the Great Spirit and Creator. As the Great Mother welcomes and receives the Lord of the Hunt into her sacred body, they give themselves over to passion and the magnetic attraction between themselves and are conjoined. At the moment his sacred seed spills into her cauldron of rebirth, he suffers a “little death” as he is spent only to be reborn in the new creation born of their love-making. They are mighty each in their own right, but the Lady and Lord are never truly balanced or complete without the other. He dies only to be reborn as are our own bodies and minds until we each reach completion. They need each other just as each human needs a balance of body and soul to grow and progress to completion.    The Goddess is our heart and soul…the God our body and mind. Their polarity is our own. Half of each of us is eternal and the other mortal…both learning and progressing towards being worthy of joining the Great Spirit in a blissful union. Creator, gods, angels, energies and souls…all are destined to harmonize and dance the Spiral Dance of Spirit which is Perfection. Nothing is ever lost only transformed…matter is neither created nor destroyed since the Great Manifestation. Humans travel this path of transformation until a personal “Great Manifestation” (ie. evolution) happens and we become something more than ourselves…a spark of the Divine grown to fruition.


God and Goddess Dryads by FYREWERKS

L. Embersprite