Undines’ H20 Magick

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Water is the element of the the Feminine Unconsciousness…the realm of emotions, healing, memory, dreams, purification, the Womb of potential and the mirror of our soul.  It correlates to the direction of the West and our physical body is mostly fashioned of it.  It is ever-changing like the tides…growing and shifting.  It is Yin…passive…receptive…deep and for many frightening.  Mermaids sound cutesy and loving because they can be…but their dark-side as the seductive sirens leading men down to the their watery graves is also just as valid.  EVERYTHING has duality…including ourselves.  During your personal initiation into the mysteries you encounter what you NEED to see…for some its lovely and others disturbing…it all depends on the lessons one needs to learn this time around.
*Purification Spell*
Materials needed: Yourself and a shower, bath, stream, pond, ocean
1. Get naked (if possible- swimsuit if necessary). If in bathroom taking shower or bath, a white candle burning and nice oils/salts in tub, and/or favorite incense burning. But all you NEED is yourself and WATER.
2. Call on the undines…the elementals of water to assist you. Believe and relax and know this WILL work. Ask them to cleanse whatever needs to be cleansed…your body from illness, your heart, your mind, your aura or whatever you feel you need.
3. Chant or sing (they love song) “Creatures of the Sea, Cleanse My _______ ( fill in blank with Body, Heart, Mind, etc.) So Mote it Be.”  Keep repeating at least three times.
3. Step in and feel the caress of the water…breath in the humid air…stop and focus on how the water FEELS.  It moves around you and is animated…changes form just as your are changing and healing from its touch.  Close your eyes and imagine the water glowing white, blue or purple and the light flowing into you..into the top of your head…your limbs…iinto all your chakra centers and out again.  As the light of the water flows out it is carrying anything harmful in you away…sickness, doubt, fear, hurt and replacing it with peace, love, contentment, and comfort.  Do this until you feel “lighter” and clean…truly clean of the garbage that clung to you and let it flow down the drain and out to the fishes in the wild…let it go. If you cry, urinate, throw up its all right…LET IT GO.
Quickie Purification Spell
Take a glass of clean water and say chant above envisualizing the water glowing with white light. When it seems to be “pulsing”,  drink it and feel it cleansing you.  When you urinate next time imagine all the impurities flowing out of your body-they are no more.
Magick doesn’t always have to be complicated…you invoke the powers without, evoke the powers within and envisualize…KNOW it is working.

Faerie Magick

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The Faerie Realm

The Faerie Realm is a dimension very closely linked to our own…it is an etheric and physical realm. It reminds us of the joy and creativity to be found in our world. The Faerie Realm is the heart and soul of our natural world that we could easily see when we had the eyes of a child. As children we lay on the grass and looked into a micro-cosmic forest of insects and faeries but to our adult eyes we view our back yard simply as a drudgery to be mowed then ignored. But when we were children, we were right! Each blade of grass, rock, and bug are a part of something more! The spirits of faerie often hide themselves from humans…and for good reason.

The Universe is multidimensional…shamans are well aware of dimensions and realms that run parallel to our own. Humans are multidimensional beings…we possess a finite human body and an infinite soul. Our Soul, when unencumbered from fear and hate, can communicate with, enter, and perceive these other realms. “Faeries” is the label we have given to the beings that inhabit the realm between us and the angels…they are spirits but like ourselves connected to this plane. But instead of being connected to a body as we are, they are connected to the living things (plants, trees, flowers, animals) and elements in the environment. Humans who engage in becoming caretakers of the environment are already on the path of communication with the Fae.

So who inhabits this Faerie Realm? The faeries and elves for sure but here is a list of “man made” titles of who/what you may encounter: Elementals, Elves, Dwarves, Brownies, Trolls, Kobolds, Sprites, Nymphs, Flower Faeries, Dryads, Faerie Godmothers, Mythical Creatures, and animals (the Fae care for them as well as shape-shift into them.) Intelligence and personality varies depending on the element and nature of the “Fae” (just like humans.) Most are helpful but some can be tricksters and troublesome (again…just like humans.) But for the most part, in my experience, most are gracious and benevolent.

I will attempt to offer a brief description of things to expect from the Fae in each element however this is a guide ONLY. When you meet them, it is “personal.” No matter what books say or other people experience, this is YOUR experience. Ted Andrews, in his book Enchantment of the Faerie Realm, comments on how Fire elementals are a bit aloof with humans and not as forthcoming with communication. I highly recommend his book as it is a wonderful resource on this subject. However, I disagree with his statement on fire elementals. Why? Because in my personal experience they are intelligent, loyal, willful, courageous and more than willing to help humans who are respectful and pure of heart.

Do NOT get discouraged if you don’t see faeries or hear them as others do. For example: why do I have a fire elemental friend and can talk to a dryad while you might not hear a thing but feel water spirits whenever you are near water or see the Fae as balls of light? The same reason you and I don’t have the same talents or friends/family in the mundane world. Each person vibrates differently and attracts people and beings to themselves differently. As time passes and you are more aware your communication will increase.

This is a brief summary to describe elementals…very brief:

Air- “Sylphs” are spirits of intellect and the MIND. They inspire creativity, thought, freedom, and curiosity. Their realm is that of breezes, gales, whirlwinds, breath, sound, music, speech and poetry.

Fire- “Salamanders” are spirits of WILL. They personify courage, strength, sexual energy, kundalini, fertility, passion, change, initiation, regeneration, mysticism, and spiritual perception. Their realm is that of volcanoes, solar heat, light, explosions, bonfires, candles, smoke, deserts, fireplaces, electricity, lightning, and body heat.

Water- “Undines” are spirits of EMOTION. They bless us with deeper feelings, empathy, healing, purification, divination, intuition, sensuality, love, clairvoyance, compassion, dreams, and maternal instinct. Theirs is the realm of the vast ocean and sea, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain, puddles, wishing wells, mirrors, and the highest percentage of material making up the human body

Earth- “Gnomes” are spirits of the physical BODY. They rule over health, wealth, prosperity, hidden treasure, wisdom, generosity, humility, mystery, success, craftsmanship, grounding and silence. Theirs is the realm of flesh and bone, mountains, caves, rocks, crystals, forests, trees, plants, and gardens.

There are echelons in Faerie and the Angelic realms but I do not personally find much need in sharing that information. I like and appreciate my blue collared” faerie friends as much as the “white collared ones.” We all have lessons to teach and learn…we are all important and so are they. Try to keep your mind open and push beyond the “Tinker Bell” image of faeries. Flower faeries are the “Tinker Bell” diminutive types. But then there are the “Oberon” and “Titania” type spirits that are more like lesser gods controlling weather and raw elemental power than wee sprites. Keep an open mind and be respectful.

Finally, how can we increase our chances of encounters and relationships with inhabitants of the Faerie Realm? First, be humble and generous. By being “humble” I do not mean being a door mat or chanting “mea culpa”…true humility. Fae can smell “phony” even faster than children and animals…do not mistake their innocence for stupidity. They enjoy teaching arrogant humans lessons (which are not always pleasant although usually quite entertaining!)

Air faeries are often drawn to children, laughter, music, singing, bells, stringed instruments, and story telling. Fire faeries are attracted to man made fires, music with intense rhythm, creativity, passion, sexual act, and generation of any fire physical or spiritual. Water faeries love plants, flowers,sometimes humans, healing practices, singing and emotional experiences grab their attention. Earth faeries are wherever there are rocks, trees and vegetation but also occasionally inhabit human homes and structures that are tidy, loving, and/or focused on craftsmanship. Reading Fairy Tales is a simple way to open yourself up to the simple truths of the Faerie Realm. An even better way is to go find a quiet spot in nature and just relax and LISTEN (cellphone turned off.)

Faeries enjoy presents. Offerings left in love will go along way in gaining their trust in friendshp. They like shiny things, bells, shells, stones, ribbons, feathers, hand-crafted items, honey, sweet cakes, etc. They also like it when you leave goodies for their woodland friends as well (ie. Bird feeders, etc.) I personally leave a piece of my hair as a “thank you” because it is actually a part of me…plucking it out shows my sincerity and other than my time this body is the only thing I truly possess. I had a Dryad keep a piece of my hair on her bark for a YEAR despite a year of weather, wind, animals/birls etc. There was no logical reasons why that long blonde hair (just laid gainst the vertical side of the tree) was still there a year later except for the fact that the Dryad liked and kept my gift.

Try to not take yourself too seriously and keep an open mind and heart. Faeries like to enjoy themselves and live in the present. They are grateful, fun loving, wise and could care less wheither a human calls them a sprite, nymph, faerie, spirit etc. because they simply exist and are free of such silliness. There is a lot we can learn from them!


(Can you see the Dryad in the pic above?)

Blessed Be!

Lady E

Shout Out to Gaia’s Hive!

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Gaia’s Hive is the dynamic combination of the shamanistic art of Fyrewerks and the herbal apitherapy products of GeezBeez with an infusion of the healing energy of Reiki.
Jeanette from Fyrewerks creates painted wish bottles, oil lamps, faerie door charms and original art and prints. Her art is a “celebration of the imagination” featuring the beauty of Nature, Spirit, and Mythos. Jeanette is also a level 3 Reiki practitioner.
Gail from GeezBeez is a bee keeper and herbalist who crafts balms, salves and lotions from the wax and honey of her helpful bees. She also produces care products for the 4-legged family members in our lives. She sells honey and tea mixes as well. Gail is a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner and Apitherapist.
Their websites are: websites are www.gaiashive.com, www.fyrewerksart.com and GeezBeez64 on www.etsy.com