Initiation into the Craft

Pagan, Wiccan

One hears a lot about about initiations and degrees when it comes to the Craft so I would like to clarify a few things. One may this all about getting certificates and getting so many lessons under one’s belt? No. For some people tradition is very important and I would be the last one to deny anyone their personal form of worship and ancestral connection. And in some traditions where lineage is important, certificates create authenticity of such. But from a spiritual point of view, Initiation (or as our coven often refers to it…”Allignment”) is a TRANSFORMATION. It is a metamorphosis by which an individual shucks off the garbage forced upon it by others and society as truth and reaches inward and upward to attain personal and cosmic revelation. In many traditions (including Spiral Sojourn’s) the individual passes through each direction/Element while learning lessons, completing assignments/challenges at each and finally arriving in Spirit. If done properly, the High Priestess and/or High Priest is your guide…not the person controlling the outcomes. The gods themselves intervene…literally.
If you feel yourself being called to will know and feel the hunger to evolve. Self Initiation is like teaching yourself to read…not impossible but very challenging. The coven/spiritual family provides wisdom and a safe place to grow…but again, it is not for everyone and that is ok.
Becoming a priestess/priest is not the end goal…it is but another beginning. Blessed be to your all on your paths!

~Lady Embersprite

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