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The true meaning of life is Connection. Humans are so busy trying to control the planet rather than simply be a part of it. Completion and fulfillment is simply found in connection. Nothing is an island unto itself…not even an island.

Depression and mental illness is at an all-time high due to lack of connection between people and within individuals. We need connection to thrive, learn and evolve. We need connection with the Divine and Spirit the way a plant needs sunlight and water to grow. We need connection with other living beings the way a plant needs soil to be grounded and nourished. On a cellular to macrocosmic level-the Universe is all about CONNECTION.

And how can we reconnect you may ask? First, reach out and be kind to others in a selfless way. A kind word, unexpected call, smile, hug, act of charity, etc. all provide quick and easy ways to reconnect with other human beings and open up spiritual receivers for divine communication and blessing. Acts of kindness are spiritual red flags to the Universe that you are ready to bless others and be blessed yourself. Secondly, let go of the garbage. Jealousy, resentment, fear, hatred are all self-imposed blocks. Righteous anger is not a block unless it becomes one of the previous mentioned and a focal point. Forgiveness of self and others is key in ascending and connecting to the Great Spirit within and without. And finally, feed your Soul. Create, meditate, listen to music, immerse yourself in nature and beauty, and be grateful in the present without grasping at the past or obsessing about the future.

Be thankful and blessed!

~Lady E

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