Spiral Sojourn’s Meaning

Pagan, Spiritual, Wiccan

The Spiral is the symbol of the Eternal Goddess…always changing and moving forward. A sphere/circle is the most perfect form found in nature…it is eternal with no beginning and no end.
We see homage being paid to the spiral mark of the Goddess throughout nature…the rings made by a pebble dropped into a pond, the spiral of an animal’s horn, the swirl found within a nautilus shell, the design on a sunflower’s face, the rings of growth in a tree, the whorls of our own fingerprints, the helix of our DNA, whirlpools, tornadoes, and the very galaxies.
Energy moves in spirals. The study of physics shows us how sound, light, and radiation all moves in waves (spirals viewed from a flat plane.) Everything in our physical, mental, and spiritual realms of existence functions in the spiral of waxing and waning energy: the moon cycles, the seasons, menstrual cycles, the power of nations, the economy, our personal energy levels, and our lives/deaths in the cycle of reincarnation.
We are all on a journey of the Soul, a shamanic quest of Spirit. Each birth is a death of the old patterns, and each death a portal to new opportunity. We cannot always be active…it is in being quiet and not speaking…that act of passivity which enables us to “listen”, learn, and grow. As fellow travelers, shamans, witches, medicine women, seekers, teachers, and priestesses we have chosen this time and place within the spiral of our evolution to “sojourn” with each other in the sanctuary of this sacred space and group. A sojourn is a temporary stay or visit. It often has the connotation of a brief yet refreshing stop along a journey.
Each incarnation is a sojourn of the soul…a learning experience sending us further up the spiral of awakening. This group, this circle, this coven is but a rest stop along the way. Many will stop by and be refreshed then move on to share what they have gained as a few remain to ensure that the “Spiral Sojourn” remains a sanctuary for future generations. So let it be written, so let it be done.

~Lady E

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